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Before we begin, please be sure you meet the requirements:

1. You must be at least 15 years old
2. You must have at least 48 hours of play time on Altitude
3. You must play at least 3 hours per week
4. You must have no bans, mutes, or kicks on Altitude
Hello! To begin, what is your username? *

How long have you been on Altitude? *

Enter the exact amount found with /rank
How many hours per week do you normally play Minecraft? *

Which days are you normally able to come on? *

What time of the day are you normally online? *

Please include a timezone for your answer!
Are you aware of anything coming up in the next 6 months that may affect your availability? *

If yes, what might that be?

Do you have a mic to use voice chat on Discord? *

Are you able to use text chat in Discord? *

Do you have a smartphone you can download a texting app on? *

We use an app to communicated as a team. The app uses under 100MB of data.
Which of the following have you used and are familiar with? *

Do you have any previous experience in being staff? *

What servers? What ranks? For how long? What did you learn during it?
What administrative plugins do you have experience with?

Why are you interested in being a Moderator on Altitude? *

What, would you say, is your biggest strength? *

And your biggest weakness? *

What do you believe are the expectations and responsibilities of a moderator? *

What types of things will you do as a moderator to moderate the server? *

The next few questions will evaluate how you would handle different situations. Please answer honestly, training will be provided on everything once you are promoted.

How would you handle a player using a lot of CAPS in chat? *

How would you handle a player harassing another player in chat? *

How would you handle a player ranked Settler in-game suddenly spamming racial slurs? *

How would you handle a new player joining and spamming racial slurs? *

How would you handle a player placing random lava and water on their creative plot? *

How would you handle a player taking materials from someone else's home? *

You may share anything else you wish here.

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